At and GE Digital, we are creating technology and solutions to enable advanced capabilities for the Industrial Internet of things. The Industrial Internet is an open, global network that connects people, data and machines. It’s about making infrastructure more intelligent and advancing the industries critical to the world we live in. It’s about making the world work better. We are on a mission to build the world's best AI and machine learning team focused specifically on industrial applications and data.

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Our Customers Include

Product Madness
We Heart It
Republic Wireless
Red Ventures

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How Machine Learning Enhances Customer Success


  • “With machine learning technology that is fast and simple enough for our agents to use, has given us a leg up on responding effectively to our customers.”

    Sean Rivers, Director of Customer Service at Republic Wireless

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    Wise Auto Response has dramatically eased the burden on our support agents, allowing us to reply to half of all tickets automatically. Now we are able to focus agent attention on more complex, customer-facing issues like payment problems, which have a direct impact on our bottom line. Wise gives us the best of both worlds: it has the power of an artificial intelligence system like Watson, along with the lightweight integration we need to successfully apply machine learning to our service operations quickly, easily and cost effectively.”

    Francesca Noli, VP of Marketing at Product Madness

  • We do have certain people who are better suited to certain issues, so rather than have tickets sit in queue before they get assigned, we have started using Wise Support for routing.

    Taylor Higley, Director of Information Services at AFGE

  • Thumbtack
    We’re growing at a fast rate right now and customer experience plays a huge role in differentiating us. Only another year out, we would’ve had to double the size of our team. The moment we got Wise turned on we saw an overnight improvement. It’s not just about cost savings- it’s more about the customer experience. Getting that CSAT metric higher and higher; I see the value of Wise more in terms of that than in terms of dollars. I’ve also never worked with a partner that’s been more responsible in terms of getting stuff done. Wise really stepped up to the plate and did a fantastic job.

    Mike Barnett, Director of Correspondence Support at Thumbtack

Easily Bring Powerful Data Science to Customer Service

Easy Setup

Easy Setup: Connects to your existing support software

Immediate Start

Immediate Start: Uses closed tickets to learn customer and agent behavior


Self-Learning: Updates continuously without manual intervention