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CEO Interview at Developer Week

Our good friends over at pollen.io invited the entire wise.io team to DeveloperWeek in San Francisco. Our CEO, Josh Bloom (@profjsb), served on a panel discussion “Building Big Data Solutions,” alongside principals from Vertascale, Continuuity and NuoDB.


Later on, Vahid Razavi (@vahidrazavi) over at Bizcloud (moderator of the panel event), interviewed Josh about his thoughts on how developers can navigate the Big Data landscape.

Obviously, Josh talked about how easy getting machine learning into a workflow could be with wise.io’s MLaaS™. But perhaps most interesting was the discussion about the startup environment at Berkeley. Josh recently joined the advisory board of the Berkeley Startup Cluster and is helping the City of Berkeley and the UC Berkeley foster an innovative environment. Jump to minute 3 of the interview if you’re interested in seeing what he has to say there.