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DataWeek Award - a Sign of the Times

On the eve of the DataWeek 2013 Conference, we were honored to receive the DataWeek Top Innovator award for Analytics Technology. Our Chief Data Scientist, Joey Richards, proudly received the award.

This award is reflective of key trends in Big Data technologies. As more and more companies embrace big data initiatives, the need for data-driven, machine learning applications that can reveal hidden value in the data have become increasingly important.

As described in a recent Financial Times article (registration required) in their Big Data series, as organizations prepare for big data initiatives, they should consider the following trends:


  • Analytics will be more pervasive,
  • Analytics will be more precise, and
  • Analytics will enable better decision making

These are precisely the trends that we are aiming to address with our machine-learning based applications. They are also the trends that we hear every day from our customers and prospects in search of a solution to their complex data-driven problems.

One of the best parts of a conference like DataWeek, is the opportunity to speak with business executives and technologists in search of solutions for their pressing business issues. If you will be at DataWeek, we would love to meet with you and learn about your requirements. Our team will be at our booth in the Startup Demo area of the conference. If you can’t make it to the conference, drop us a note to schedule a meeting with one of our data scientists.