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Empathy at Scale and the Year of Machine Learning

Empathy at Scale and the Year of Machine LearningWhen I first spoke with Maggie Armato, who is the head of Pinterest’s Pinner Operations team, at the first Zendesk Relate Conference in October 2015, I was struck by some radical differences in the way she approached support compared to the vast majority of support leaders I had been speaking to.

The first was her commitment to ‘empathy at scale’. 

Many folks in the industry seemed to think that ticket volume, head count, and customer satisfaction were linearly related; if ticket volume went up, you had to increase head count in order to maintain CSAT; if you wanted to increase volume without increasing headcount, CSAT would go down, and so on. 

Maggie passionately believed that scalable support systems could be built without compromising the customer’s experience.

To that end, she aggressively embraced the adoption of new technologies, becoming one of the first support leaders I know of to adopt the concept of the ‘support technology stack’. 

Even in 2015, when many support teams still seemed unsure of how to properly utilize their helpdesk software to acheive maximum productivity, her team was displaying impressive agility in the testing and adoption of novel applications. 

Last, she was unafraid of machine learning. 

There’s a lot of consternation and fear in the support world over the idea of A.I. taking people’s jobs, or rogue automation ruining the customer experience, but Maggie intuitively understood that if it was both controllable and transparent, intelligent automation could be a powerful tool for augmenting her team’s productivity and empowering them to take a more strategic role within the company.

We’ve put together a case study eBook detailing the first stage of what has already been a highly successful and productive relationship between Maggie’s team and the the team here at Wise.io. Hope you enjoy! 

How Pinterest Leveraged Machine Learning to Transform Customer Support

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