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A.I. vs. OnDemand Customer Support (video)

The way we deliver customer support is rapidly changing, and two technologies at the forefront of that change are Artificial Intelligence and OnDemand customer support. 

'On demand platforms are networks of people, and marketplace features like reputation, routing, incentives that drive a very high level of performance from a network of people.’ -Antony Brydon
The leader in OnDemand Customer Support, Directly, hosted an executive panel to discuss which of these two technologies will deliver on it’s promise first.  You can watch the full video here.
'AI, in its essence, is the field of computer science that teaches computers to mimic human decision making’ -Jeff Erhardt
Watch LinkedIn’s Sr. Director of Global Technology Solutions Andy Yasutake, Republic Wireless’s Director of Operations Technology Sean Rivers, Directly CEO and Co-founder Antony Brydon, and Wise.io CEO Jeff Erhardt cover a variety of topics including:
  • LinkedIn’s Four Pillars of Customer Support
  • What is a chatbot?  Should they be used in support?
  • The Customer Support Technology Stack
  • Trading efficiency vs. the Customer Experience:  Where do you draw the line?


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