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Hacker Dojo Meetup

Last night, we hosted an exciting meetup at Hacker Dojo called “Automate Your Work Flow – wise.io Machine Learning Tools.” The 100+ meetup members are from the Silicon Valley Hands On Programming Events group.

Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Joey Richards gave the intro talk about machine learning and then Jeremy Howard, President/Chief Scientist of Kaggle, presented an excellent overview of Random Forests.

After the presentations, wise.io’s Dan Starr and I demonstrated wise.io’s Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) cloud platform, currently in private beta. Meetup attendees were offered a trial beta access to the platform — you can request your own beta invitation here. The wise team spent the remainder of the evening working hands-on with meetup attendees on the platform. There was beer, which made the evening that much more fun…

We wanted to offer our special thanks to Mike Bowles and Hacker Dojo for organizing/hosting the meetup. For those interested, Joey’s slides are available here.

Hacker Dojo Meetup

Photo credit: Jeff Keyzer/Flickr