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Routing Support Tickets to the Right Agent with Machine Learning

Routing Support Tickets to the Right Agent with Machine LearningIt’s not uncommon for support departments to route tickets to agents on a first come, first serve basis. What this method doesn’t take into account is human relations.

In a large support organization, it’s very likely that one agent might be great at solving a large quantity of simple tickets while another agent is more prone to deep dives on complex issues that take more time to solve.  Or, one agent might connect quickly with customers from New York while another agent can speak to SEC football when customers from the South call in.

You could try to train an agent who is naturally investigative to not get stuck in the details and move faster through simple calls.  You could also try to teach the history of the SEC to everyone on your team to make sure they have some conversational tidbits other than “how’s the weather” to pull from during a long support call.  But the most efficient solution is to pair the right agent with the right customer as frequently as possible by using machine learning.


How Machine Learning Pairs the Right Agent with the Right Customer

Machine learning examines content and customer data within each support ticket and identifies patterns in how tickets are classified, routed and resolved.  It begins by analyzing the historical data from closed tickets and then applies this knowledge to new support tickets as they arrive.  Ticket attributes are then used to trigger intelligent routing rules to get tickets to the best suited available agent.

This triage-free routing system not only benefits customers, but also the company and support teams as it:

  • Drives up agent productivity and reduces handling time

  • Improves customer satisfaction by creating a natural rapport between agent and customer.  

  • Continually adapts to changing customer support needs that evolve as new products and services are released, enabling support teams to be the customer hero.

  • Boosts employee morale as agents work on tickets most suited to their capabilities and strengths.  After all, it’s hard work helping customers resolve issues all day.

Learn more about intelligent ticket routing and how machine learning improves agent efficiency and customer support.

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