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Salesforce Analytics Cloud: Better Data Makes Better Predictions

We’re excited to be a partner in the launch of Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, which was announced today. Wave is the first cloud analytics platform designed for the business user, making it easier for anyone to access data and take action immediately.

Wise.io’s focus is on making predictions actionable to drive customer success throughout an organization. By connecting our machine learning into Wave, we’re able to tap into the data that Salesforce users, their customers and prospects are generating to uncover the patterns that drive customer behavior. Then, we deliver predictions and specific behavior drivers based on those patterns back into the Salesforce Analytics Cloud in order to make them actionable for teams to maximize the success of customers and prospects.

For example, Wise.io analyzes all the customer engagement and account interaction data to build a prediction engine for churn. Then, for any customer at any point in their lifecycle, Wise.io predicts how likely that individual customer is to cancel as well as the specific behaviors that are driving that prediction, putting that information into the systems (like Salesforce Analytics Cloud) that your teams already use. As a result, your product, marketing, account management and support teams can tailor the engagement with that specific customer.

Wise.io’s approach can find customer behavior patterns in even the most complex data, but generally speaking, cleaner and more consistent data leads to better predictions. As a result, we’re particularly excited that the launch of Wave will herald a new focus on the value of data within businesses. As a company’s data gets more robust, the predictions get even more valuable for everyone within that company -- from the executive team to individual sales and support representatives.

If you’ll be at Dreamforce this year, come by Booth N2303 in the North Hall to say hello and see what we’re up to.

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