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Thumbtack Nets 640% ROI with Intelligent Triage Application

thumbtack.pngIn late 2015, a San Francisco-based company called Thumbtack found itself in need of a scalable support solution. The company delivers custom, project-specific quotes aimed at helping people find qualified professionals to help them tackle their biggest home projects.

Positive customer experiences are paramount for this company and play a major role in differentiating it from its competitors. Prior to partnering with Wise.io, their approach to customer service included using a sophisticated ticket triage system on Salesforce Service Cloud, which routes incoming customer service requests to specialized teams within the support organization. Inquiries are classified by issue type and sorted into subgroups within four tiers, organized from simplest to most complex, as a solution for their multidimensional, complex classification needs.

The Challenge:

Replace manual categorization with intelligent automation; improve CSAT scores

Prior to implementing the Wise Triage Application, the company ran a dedicated nine-agent triage team to manually categorize an average of 80,000 customer contacts per month.

Furthermore, the company was growing at a rapid pace. Even while working around the clock, the time it took from ticket creation to categorization ranged from one to three hours—and that was under normal conditions. When ticket volume spiked, routing times increased significantly and the backlog grew even bigger.

Not only was the triage team expensive to operate, but manually classifying tickets during periods of both normal and abnormal ticket volume created severe routing delays. This prevented the company from meeting service level agreements (SLAs) and negatively impacted the customer experience.

The Solution: 

Implement Wise Triage Application

When it came down to improving ticketing and triage processes, Thumbtack defined one primary goal: to replace manual categorization with intelligent automation to free up agents from simple, redundant triaging.

The company aimed to intelligently automate their manual triage processes so they could reallocate their agents to higher value tasks instead of constantly tackling a backlog. The goal was to improve the overall customer experience and control the need to hire more agents, even while the company continued to grow.

In particular, Thumbtack targeted an improvement in CSAT scores through faster response times and a better overall customer experience.

“I’ve never worked with a partner that’s been more responsible in terms of getting stuff done.  They really stepped up to the plate and did a fantastic job.” — Mike Barnett,
Director of Correspondence Support

After researching their options, the support leaders at Thumbtack decided to implement the Wise Triage Application to meet their goals and solve their backlog and customer service challenges.

The Results:

640% ROI and improved agent empowerment

With the Wise Triage Application, Thumbtack was able to automate the majority of its classification needs in real time. This not only improved triage accuracy, but helped automatically categorize incoming spam messages—eliminating up to 20,000 tickets a month.

As a result, the former manual triage agents were empowered to take on more impactful customer-facing roles. In fact, eight of the nine agents were promoted to roles on the Tier 2 support team and one joined the live chat team. Both roles better serve the company’s focus on providing best-in-class customer experience.

"The moment we got Wise turned on we saw an overnight improvement.”Mike Barnett, Director of Correspondence Support

Furthermore, the Wise Triage Application delivered a 640% ROI, as evidenced by the following results:

    • Time to triage dropped from up to three hours down to five minutes, enabling agents to respond to their customers faster and consistently honor their SLAs.
    • Ticket routing delays have become a non-issue, even during periods of heavy ticket volume.
    • The need to adjust support headcount to accommodate seasonal ticket spikes greatly diminished.  
    • The client experienced a 60% cost savings on categorization automation alone.

“It’s not just about cost savings ... I see the value more in terms of [customer experience] than in terms of dollars.” — Mike Barnett, Director of Correspondence Support

In short, the Wise Triage Application helped Thumbtack make the most of their investment in the Salesforce platform, delivering a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and customer experience.

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