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Top 5 Customer Success Predictions for 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 is poised to be a great year for deepening relationships with your customers, with "customer success" as a key theme. Here at Wise.io, we spend every day making predictions about customer behavior for our clients, so we thought we'd share our predictions for customer success trends this year:

  1. No slowdown in data: Companies will continue to collect the product, marketing, social, and support data generated by their customers. Sometimes data is just being collected for collection's sake, but we have found more signal than noise in the constant stream of customer data.
  2. Growing personalization expectations: Customers are increasingly aware of the data they generate and will expect companies to use it to deliver better experiences. The key, of course, is how to do that in non-creepy ways where the focus is kept on the customer relationship and experience and not on the data itself.
  3. Strain on manual business processes: All those customer expectations will challenge the capacity of manual business processes, leading to a continued interest in intelligent automation. By letting customer-facing teams spend their time on building customer relationships instead of administrative or repetitive efforts, companies can better use their people to differentiate their brands and service.
  4. More API's to access data: Data stuck in silos can't aid business decisions, so companies will find more ways to use API's to free their data. Only by making the data available when and where it's needed to influence, improve and predict customer interactions will companies get real value from it.
  5. Rise of the Customer Success executive: Customer satisfaction, retention and support are typically cross-functional challenges, but more companies will tap a single executive to focus on those customer success goals. This head of Customer Success will be instrumental in driving customer knowledge and feedback throughout the organization.

How do you see customer behavior and success changing and expanding in 2015? 

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