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New Wise Response Application Keeps Customer Support Reps Focused on Delivering Value

Barry is a great customer service representative. He loves helping people, he knows his company’s products backward and forward, and he’s always looking for ways to improve.

There’s just one problem.

48457404_thumbnail.jpgHe’s one of ten customer support reps who are currently handling between 500 and 1000 tickets every day as a team.

You see, Barry works for a successful app development company that offers numerous high-traffic mobile apps. Since the company’s apps run primarily on a Freemium revenue model, most of those tickets come from free customers.  Although everyone wants to help them, there’s not a lot of room in the budget to add more bodies to the Support team.

Barry and his fellow reps are keeping up with the never-ending supply of support tickets, but they’re finding that simple, low-priority tickets are taking up so much of their time, higher priority issues aren’t getting the time and focus they deserve.  As the company continues to grow, they can see this issue getting even worse. This growth is traditionally managed by increasing employees, which increases overhead. Typical scenarios include:

  1. Hiring another support rep, which means a full salary, benefits, a steep learning curve, and all the intricacies that go with bringing someone new into the mix.
  2. Training lower-performing reps to try and make them faster and more efficient and hope a major backlog of tickets doesn’t come into play.
  3. Creating incentives to get everyone on the team to handle more tickets. Although, realistically, everyone is doing the best they can already.

Benefits of Automated Response Recommendations

Every time a ticket comes in, Barry and his coworkers have to:

  1. Read the incoming ticket.
  2. Determine the customer’s need.
  3. Determine if a response template already exists to fill that need.
  4. Locate the appropriate template among (potentially) hundreds.
  5. Apply the appropriate template to the ticket.
  6. Personalize and edit the template as needed.
  7. Respond to the ticket.

Steps 3-5 of this process can be quite time consuming when you consider that some organizations have hundreds of templates that have been created over the years.

Instead, imagine if the process looked more like this:

  1. Read the incoming ticket.
  2. Scan the suggested response templates to confirm that the customer’s need is being met.
  3. Choose the best response template from the list of choices.
  4. Personalize and edit the template as needed.
  5. Respond to the ticket.

Not only is the process obviously shorter and more efficient, it eliminates the need for Barry or any of his coworkers to struggle with identifying the customer’s issue or digging for a template that fits.  They can now scan the ticket, scan the response recommendations, and choose the best match, which lets them spend less time on low-difficulty tickets and more time on high-touch tickets that need human attention.

How does Wise Response work?


Wise Response starts by using machine learning to analyze closed tickets to identify the language and customer data patterns that indicate the appropriate template to use. The application then reads the content of each new ticket and presents the agent with the top recommended templates that can be applied immediately. Over time, as individual agents apply templates, the application continues to learn and improve its recommendations for all agents, driving consistency and efficiency across the support team.

By automating a critical support process, Wise Response slashes the time and energy spent searching through hundreds of templates, significantly reducing response times, boosting agent productivity and improving customer satisfaction.

If you have reps like Barry in your support team – fantastic workers who want to be able to spend more time and energy on the tickets that really need them – sign up for a demo and see how Wise Response can improve your team’s productivity.

The Essential Guide to Automating Customer Services, Wise.io

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