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Wise Unveils Machine Learning Applications for Salesforce Service Cloud

Wise Unveils Machine Learning Applications for Salesforce Service CloudWise.io, which delivers predictive applications that enhance and automate how support teams engage with customers, today announced the availability of Wise Routing and Wise Response for the Salesforce Service Cloud® solution.

Built on Wise.io's powerful machine learning platform, the new applications analyze data patterns from previous, resolved support tickets to automatically route tickets to the right agent and recommend the best template to help agents quickly and consistently respond to customers. By automating critical support processes and improving agents’ capabilities with augmentative intelligence, Wise.io helps customer service teams focus on customer satisfaction instead of administrative tasks.

"The proliferation of more and more data within organizations is a benefit only if that data is actionable by customer-facing teams,” says Jeff Erhardt, CEO at Wise.io. “Machine learning is quickly emerging as one of the most effective ways to augment human decision making in order to help companies keep up with the deluge of data, whether it’s high volumes of support tickets, trying to hone in on high-priority customer issues, or taking advantage of new data streams to proactively make customer interactions better. Wise.io is helping support teams improve outcomes at scale, driving personalized service to every single customer in a way that was previously impossible.”

Wise.io applications serve as intelligent assistants, capturing how the organization's best agent engages with customers and applying that knowledge across the entire support team. The applications identify the language and behavioral patterns of customers and agents -- including both structured data and unstructured data like email text -- that lead to successful customer outcomes. By making the complex data stream of any customer actionable to even non-technical users, Wise.io helps customer service teams deliver the personalized approach expected by customers at a scale that reflects the needs of the business.

Wise Routing and Wise Response are available for most major support systems, including Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud.

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