Lead Scoring Case Study


Business executives at Visual.ly had a problem that many would envy.  Their business is rapidly growing and the volume of sales leads was far greater than their sales reps could manage.  They attempted to manually "grade" the leads, but found that it this approach still left them following too many inferior opportunities.


At first they considered hiring a data scientist, but they realized that this approach will be costly and time-consuming. So they turned to Wise.io to implement a Lead Scoring application on top of their marketing automation suite, Pardot. Drawing on thousands of past leads, qualified opportunities and closed deals, Wise configured the Lead Scoring application to the unique attributes of Visual.ly's business. Within weeks, the Lead Scoring app was up and running, seamlessly pulling leads from Pardot and feeding back prioritized sales leads into their existing sales work flow.


The results can be summed up in three words - faster, better, cheaper. The Wise Lead Scoring application is helping streamline the sales process, improve management visibility and increase the efficiency of the sales team.