Data Science Team Case Study


The Citrix Data Science team is tasked with helping drive better customer experiences and improving operational efficiencies. One place the team is focusing is identifying Customer Support cases that will escalate if not attended to. This forward-looking view improves customer satisfaction and sales. 


The Citrix Data Science team gathered data from a variety of sources throughout the enterprise, prepared the data for modeling purposes and selected the appropriate attributes to include in the model.  The Data Science team worked collaboratively with our Data Science team using the Wise Enterprise Platform to build an extremely accurate model.  The results are pushed to a mobile application that can be put in the hands of Sales and Tech Support reps.


The Citrix Data Science team was able to utilize advanced machine learning technology without lengthy and costly custom development.  They were able to go from concept to working application in weeks, instead of months.  Most importantly, the Data Science team was able to deliver the application that has immediate impact on operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and reduced churn.