Industrial Machine Learning Workshop

July 10, 2017 - Las Vegas - Cosmopolitan Hotel


Workshop FAQs

  • How large will the workshop be, who will be attending?
    • This is an invite-only workshop with an expected attendance of about 50-60 people.  All attendees will be GE employees, except for the 3-4 keynote speakers.


  • Which GE divisions are included in this workshop?
    • We have a call for participants from all GE divisions.  The program organizing committee includes GE Digital and GRC.


  • Where will the workshop be held?
    • The workshop will held at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, on one of the floors also used by Predix Transform. 


  • What are the registration fees?  What do they include?
    • We will determine the registration fees shortly.  These costs will primarily cover GE's catering and facilities.


  • What expenses will be covered for accepted invited speakers?
    •'s group (GE Digital) will cover costs of travel to/from the IMLW17 workshop and 2 nights hotel stay at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas.  We will also waive the workshop registration fee.  We will not cover additional hotel nights for Predix Transform or it's registration fee.  We will send room booking numbers to accepted invited speakers ASAP.


  • What will be the format of the talks?
    • The invited talks will be 15-20 minutes in length and similar to talks given at an academic workshop.  We expect there to be 12-15 talks during the day.  The 4 invited keynotes by GE external speakers will be a bit longer.  We expect talks that will be technical and focused on the ML research or ML related work that groups do in practice at GE.  By "technical" we mean you should feel free to include formulas, algorithms, etc. in the talk/poster.  We also will accept talks that are a bit more general if there is an important takeaway for GE and industrial machine learning.  


  • Can we present a talk or poster that discusses sensitive / GE-internal topics?
    • The workshop participants will be GE employees except for 3-4 external invited keynote speakers.  If it is necessary to discuss sensitive topics in your presentation, please let us know.  We could discuss NDA's with the external speakers or having a special section for sensitive GE talks.



Hosted by + GE Digital:


Program Organizers: Dr. Joshua Bloom (GE Digital), Mark Grabb (GRC)
Local Organizing Committee: Dan Starr (GE Digital)

Contact us ( with any questions!