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Smart Customer Service: Wise.io Introduces Auto Reply for Customer Support

Smart_Customer_service-1.pngWise.io, a provider of machine learning applications to help enterprises provide better customer experiences, today launched Wise Auto Response, an intelligent auto reply functionality for customer support organizations. Read more.

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VentureBeat: Wise.io launches automated support replies for Salesforce and Zendesk

VentureBeat.pngWise.io, a startup that brings machine learning smarts to cloud software, is announcing today the launch of a new feature called Auto Response. The idea is to make customer support teams more efficient — by generating and sending automated replies to customers’ inquiries. Read more

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Wise.io Introduces First Intelligent Auto Reply Functionality for Customer Support Organizations

Powered by machine learning, Wise Auto Response frees up agent time, boosting productivity, accelerating response time and improving the customer experience. Read more

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Wise.io Receives 2016 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award

Customer-POTY-16.jpg Wise Response Selected for Exceptional Innovation; Uses Advanced Machine Learning Technology to Improve Customer Experience.  

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1to1 Media: Calling On Contact Center Trends for 2016

logo_1to1Media.gifFrom live chat to machine learning, these six trends will revolutionize customer service as we know it throughout the coming year. Read more.

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Wise.io Customer Sean Rivers of Republic Wireless Wins 1to1 Media "Customer Champion" Award

Wise.io, which delivers predictive applications that transform how businesses engage with customers, today announced that Sean Rivers of Republic Wireless, a disruptive wireless carrier leveraging WiFi to lower consumer smartphone bills, was selected as a winner of the 2015 1to1 Media Customer Champion Awards. As Director of Operations Technology, Sean defines the tools, processes and policy to make customers happy. For four years, he has done this without a single contact center agent. Instead, he relies on the innovative use of technology -- including initiatives focused on community, customer-to-customer ticketing and machine learning -- to augment and accelerate human interaction.

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Topics: Customer Success, Customer Support

1to1 Media: 2015 Customer Champion winner Sean Rivers, Republic Wireless

logo_1to1Media.gifWise.io customer, Sean Rivers,  director of Operations Technology at Republic Wireless, profiled on what makes him a customer champion. Sean touches on how Machine Learning helps the internal triage team read and coordinate every request so they can adequately prioritize the influx of tickets and make suggestions as to which tickets might benefit from an Expert Customer's insight. Read more.

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Loyalty 360: Machine Learning: A New Reason to Love Customer Complaints

loyalty360-logo.pngAn article by Jeff Erhardt, CEO, Wise.io

You already have your ear to the ground and eyes on the stats that drive customer loyalty. Hopefully you’re also carefully tracking negative feedback as indicators of bigger issues. While positive feedback validates that good choices are being made across the organization, falling service rankings, poor reviews or high complaint rates may be just the catalyst you need to improve customer service and engagement. Read more.

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Forbes: In The New Wave of Analytics, Actions Speak Louder Than Insights


Analytics and algorithms have already transformed our world. Now they are about to do it again. The scientific use of data has revolutionized every aspect of life – from the way we make decisions in large scale corporations to the way we grow vegetables. But to get to this state, information and its analysis has evolved drastically. Read more.

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Destination CRM: 6 Ways Machine Learning Can Generate More CRM Value

destination_CRM.gifAn article by Jeff Erhardt, CEO, Wise.io

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