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Wise.io Introduces First Intelligent Auto Reply Functionality for Customer Support Organizations

Powered by machine learning, Wise Auto Response frees up agent time, boosting productivity, accelerating response time and improving the customer experience. Read more

Wise.io, which delivers machine learning applications to help enterprises provide a better customer experience, today announced the availability of Wise Auto Response, the first intelligent auto reply functionality for customer support organizations. Using machine learning to understand the intent of an incoming ticket and determine the best available response, Wise Auto Response automatically selects and applies the appropriate reply to address the customer issue without ever involving an agent. By helping customer service teams answer common questions faster, Wise Auto Response removes a high percentage of tickets from the queue, freeing up agents’ time to focus on more complex tickets and drive higher levels of customer satisfaction.

“Wise Auto Response has dramatically eased the burden on our support agents, allowing us to reply to half of all tickets automatically,” said Francesca Noli, VP of Marketing at Product Madness. “Now we are able to focus agent attention on more complex, customer-facing issues like payment problems, which have a direct impact on our bottom line. Wise gives us the best of both worlds: it has the power of an artificial intelligence system like Watson, along with the lightweight integration we need to successfully apply machine learning to our service operations quickly, easily and cost effectively.”

Wise Auto Response identifies common customer inquiries that can be responded to with a high level of confidence – such as password resets and basic product functionality, or standard “thank you” email templates that don’t require hands-on follow up – and automatically responds without the need for any manually written business rules. The new functionality complements the current suite of predictive applications offered by Wise.io, including Wise Routing, which automates the support ticket triage process, and Wise Recommended Response, which provides a ranked shortlist of appropriate macros and templates for each new customer inquiry.

“We’re on a mission to radically transform the business of customer support, and Wise Auto Response is a natural extension of the other applications we have on the market that we’re achieving great success with,” said Jeff Erhardt, CEO at Wise.io. “By automating simple communication and augmenting other interactions that still require the human touch, companies are realizing the value of machine learning-based routing and response to optimize the entire customer experience.”

 Humans have done the hard work for years, manually responding to common, repetitive support requests. With Wise Auto Response, machine learning can now take advantage of that history to ensure customers receive a fast response to straightforward questions, while allowing agents to focus on higher value customer engagement. Wise Auto Response is built on four core components:

  • Contextual learning. When a new ticket arrives, Wise reads the content of that ticket – including text, data fields, and timestamps – and ranks all available templates on their appropriateness, based on how a templates was used to successfully respond to customer issues in the past.
  • Self-aware confidence level. The application is aware of how confident it is that the top-ranked template is the correct response for the customer issue. That degree of confidence is used to decide whether a reply should be sent automatically or suggested to a human agent, based upon the cost and consequences of being wrong.
  • Controlled automation. The support manager retains a high degree of control over what is automated, including restrictions on eligible templates, confidence thresholds and response timing. Reports also provide a complete view into what customer issues have been “auto responded” to.
  • Continuous improvement. Compared to traditional approaches that require support managers to manually adjust business rules, the Wise application adapts seamlessly to new customer issues and response templates. By intelligently learning how agents engage and incorporating that knowledge into its confidence level and response ranking, the application drives consistency and efficiency across the entire support team.

Wise Auto Response is available for most major support systems, including Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud. For more information on Wise.io's suite of customer service automation applications, including classification, routing, and response, visit www.wise.io.