Customer Segmentation Software

You've done the hard work to get a new customer. Now how do you deliver ongoing value so that each customer wants to engage more deeply, buy more of your product, or upgrade their service plan? With the Wise Revenue Growth application, you can take advantage of advanced machine learning to enhance your revenue stream from existing customers by:

  • Matching the right product or service with the right customer
  • Recommending the best price point to drive upsell
  • Tailoring marketing messaging to the individual customer

Customer data combined with past outcomes represent a predictive roadmap for delivering more value to customers and expanding revenue.

Identify the best add-on opportunity

Customers don't always tell you when they are ready to buy more. analyzes customer data from your marketing, product, CRM and support systems to identify patterns that indicate which products and services are the right fit for an individual customer at a particular time. That predictive insight allows you to recommend an additional opportunity that feels relevant to the customer, resulting in a higher likelihood of conversion. Furthermore, the Wise Lead Scoring application help you identify which customers are most ready to buy and which sales representative is best to engage them.

Present the best offer

Matching price to perceived value is critical to closing new business with existing customers, but not all customers have the same perceived value. uses data about your price ranges, sales success, and customer engagement to recommend the best upsell offer to present to an individual customer. Your sales and marketing teams will see higher revenue per customer while retaining even more flexibility to introduce new pricing offers. 

Tailor marketing to the individual customer

Dynamic content based on customer attributes can be a powerful tool to ensure relevant messaging, but that approach has resource and scale limitations. enables marketers to take an even more personalized approach by recommending the best combinations of content and channel to drive engagement and ultimately conversion.