Customer Retention Analysis Software

Customer success, product and marketing teams face an ongoing challenge of identifying which customers are about to cancel and then developing the right approach to re-engage in order to keep their business.

The Wise Retention application uses machine learning to analyze how customers interact at various touchpoints. We help you focus your effort on the right customers and actions by:

  • Predicting customer churn early enough to take action
  • Showing reasons for churn for each individual customer
  • Recommending the best marketing content to improve retention
  • Helping you ensure customer health is known by each customer-facing team in every interaction

With a data-driven approach to customer success and retention, your organization can be more efficient in prioritizing and serving the most critical customers while continuing to drive satisfaction across your entire customer base.

Score your customers' health

Early warning is critical to being able to take action to reduce churn. takes the data from your CRM, marketing and support systems to uncover the data patterns that lead to churn well before the customer actually leaves. By scoring the health of your customers as they interact with your customer-facing messaging and teams, provides a continually updated prioritized list of at-risk customers for your customer success and marketing teams.

Better understand why a customer may leave

By examining the engagement patterns that result in a lost customer, provides insight into what aspects of an individual customer's behavior or demographics are the most likely drivers of churn. As a result, your customer success and marketing teams can tailor and even automate a save plan based on the unique churn reasons for each customer.

Increase the effectiveness of your retention marketing

Customers have multiple touchpoints with most businesses, but marketing is one of the few customer-facing teams that engages a customer throughout their entire lifecycle — often even before they become a customer. By combining full lifecycle engagement data with other customer data points, recommends the best content or campaign to drive retention. By making the predictive recommendations at the individual customer level and integrating into your existing marketing systems, enables a marketing team to deliver high-performing personalized retention campaigns at scale.