Predictive Lead Scoring

Tired of wasting time on dead-end leads? Machine learning helps identify and prioritize ideal customers so your team not only closes more customers, but more of the right kind of customers. With the Wise Lead Scoring application, you set the foundation for long-term success from the very beginning by:

  • Identifying which prospects are most likely to convert
  • Improving the close rate for the sales pipeline
  • Increasing the return on your marketing spend
  • Making the best use of your sales team

With a data-driven approach uncovering the patterns of your target market, your sales team can develop an efficient lead prioritization process to focus on the best opportunities.

Score and prioritize your sales leads

Are you inundated with customer leads? can take the data from your sales and marketing systems and enrich it with information from a variety of public sources to prioritize your leads for Sales. By scoring your leads both initially and as those prospects engage with your sales and marketing efforts, provides a continually updated prioritized lead list for your sales team to tackle. It's like taking the pulse of each prospect just by engaging in your normal sales workflow.

Match the right sales rep with the right opportunity

No two sales representatives are the same, but fortunately, not all sales opportunities are identical either. learns what characteristics of the sales representative and opportunity result in the best chance to close business, without the need for skills-based assessments. For every new opportunity, then recommends the best sales representative to assign to that prospect to maximize likelihood to close. 

Identify the best marketing engagement approach for each prospect

Leveraging data from your past marketing campaigns, can help your marketing team to run more efficiently by generating more high quality leads and reducing overall cost of acquisition. predicts the best engagement approach — such as message, channel, and offer — for each individual prospect in order to optimize conversion.