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Containerized Data Science Hackday in Berkeley

Containerization, especially with Docker, has become a central paradigm across the modern engineering stack. And as productionized data science should be an instantiation of best engineering practices, it's no wonder that building, deploying, and maintaining data science workflows can benefit immensely from containerization.

Sounds good in theory but there's nothing like getting hands-on experience with containerization, orchestration and data science tools to see how it works in practice.

To this end, we're excited to host the upcoming "Containerized Data Science Hackday" on January 18th (from 10:45am to 11pm!). We hope to bring together a diverse set of local programmers, engineers, and data science types who share a common interest around containerization and data science.  There will be number of experienced engineers and data scientists will be here to help people create ad-hoc teams, hone in on small projects, and make the best of their hack.

Are you Docker-curious? A Spark ninja? Statistics nut? Come to a great working space for the day, to hack on a data-science project (yours or in ad-hoc teams). Should be a fun, social day and night!

Space is limited, so please grab your slot today at Eventbrite...


Topics: Data Science, Software Engineering