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Welcome to the New Wise.io Technology Blog

Wise.io’s machine-learning applications are built with the non-technical user in mind.  But the farther removed our products are from technical consumers within businesses, the greater the challenges we face in building our technology and data science stacks. Generalizing and automating machine learning workflows in production for specific use cases is hard: and it is our central focus in the engineering and data science teams. We’ve already demonstrated some success here: Wise Support™ for Zendesk is our first GA application that requires little more than an OAuth from a Zendesk admin user to get amazing predictive insights for customer support.

Wise.io was founded by deep technologists with PhDs in statistics, machine learning, and astrophysics. Staying true to our roots, while we learn and grow, means keeping up with the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and methodologies. We’ve also been innovating within Wise, driven by the daily pressures that arise from exposure to real-world data. It’s a privilege to get to work with the sort of raw, noisy, big, dirty, and streaming datasets we see. This is not the sort of data that exists in the UCI repository nor in Kaggle competitions and, as such, innovation happens out of necessity. Our work in what we call Wise Labs is not algorithmic research and development in search of a problem, but is instead focused on innovative and novel approaches to real problems arising in our customer applications. Necessity is the mother of invention and it is alive and well here at Wise.

These blogs will share our thoughts and experiences in data science and the full modern technology stack. Here, we will:

       o Comment on new academic papers, conferences, talks, blogs, news, announcements of Wise.io relevance

       o Talk about how we solved some nasty technology problems

       o Offer our thoughts on machine learning, stats and data science

       o Offer our thoughts on engineering practices

       o Provide commentary on our own talks at conferences

       o Demonstrate our awesome tech culture and talk openly about tech challenges

       o Link/discuss open-source projects of interest

If you have any ideas for blog posts or want to point out something that might be of interest to our engineering and data science teams, please get in touch by commenting here or via Twitter (@wiseio).

Dr. Josh Bloom is co-founder, CTO, and Chairman of Wise.io — on a mission to help companies take better data-driven actions for customer success. Wise.io is hiring those with skills and talents across the full-stack and data-science workflow.

Topics: Machine Learning, Data Science, Software Engineering