On Tuesday, GE Digital announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire machine learning technology company Wise.io.  The acquisition will enable GE Digital to further accelerate development of advanced machine learning and data science offerings on the Predix platform. The Wise.io technology deepens GE’s machine learning stack and the team will spearhead innovative solutions in GE’s vertical markets to develop intelligent systems offerings.


Berkeley-based Wise.io was founded in 2013 to bring high-performance machine learning to the business world.  The company recognized the challenges companies faced as a result of the limited number of qualified data scientists and the struggle to take data-driven processes from “whiteboard to production.”  These struggles were the result of an over-reliance on the development of algorithmic toolkits as opposed to the unique systems engineering challenges associated with the development of production grade intelligent applications.  Most recently, the company applied its technology to deliver intelligent customer support applications to innovative enterprises such as Pinterest, Thumbtack, and ThredUp, enabling these organizations to radically improve efficiency while simultaneously delivering a better customer experience.

Industrial machine learning is critical to GE’s development of scalable Digital Twin solutions and data-intensive industrial computing challenges. Running on Predix, Digital Twins are virtual twins of an industrial asset – a jet engine, a wind turbine or an entire power plant. Twins continuously collect data from physical and virtual sensors and rely on advanced machine learning techniques to analyze the data to gain insights about performance and operation. According to Harel Kodesh, CTO of GE Digital, “Wise.io’s deep machine learning expertise – combined with GE Digital’s existing data science talent and massive portfolio of industrial assets – will advance GE’s Digital Twin capabilities and solidify its role as a leader in industrial machine learning.”

“One of the foundational principles of Wise is that there is tremendous untapped value in the repetitive, mundane workflows that exist everywhere in business, and that tightly coupled access to the underlying data-sources is crucial to automating these workflows in a robust and scalable way,” said Jeff Erhardt, Wise.io CEO.  “To participate in bringing this capability to the world as part of such a venerable and pervasive enterprise is an incredibly exciting opportunity.”

“For years, machine learning talent has been drawn to a limited number of consumer facing companies where people are the primary source of data,” said Dr. Joshua Bloom, Wise.io CTO and Professor of Astronomy at UC Berkeley.  “Instead, the new machine learning horizon is deriving insights from vast quantities of industrial data. We are excited to have the opportunity to play a leading role in pushing these technological boundaries in ways that create value for GE, its customers, and the broader society.”